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With the super weather over the last few weeks and pent up frustrations from lockdown among various groups spilling over onto our streets through illegal raves and unauthorised festival-type gatherings, it would appear that summer has arrived and so has a new wave of familiar issues for owners of vacant buildings.

Squatter incidents are increasing across the UK partly driven by the financial pressure many renters have experienced meaning they can no longer afford to pay for their accommodation and this trend is likely to worsen as the economic impact of COVID-19 becomes clearer and the domino effect of more unemployment becomes increasingly evident.

With lots of commercial buildings set to become vacant for both financial and practical reasons too we have the key elements in place to create a “perfect storm” of illegal raves, trespassing, vandalism and squatting of empty properties.

In a time of few certainties the lure of vacant property to the wrong type of attention is a constant. Once there has been an incident of squatting or a rave at a building the expense involved in clearing up and repairing damage is always significant. The property owner may also be liable for any injury or damage sustained to the squatters or trespassers, particularly with insurers becoming increasingly stringent when it comes to enforcing policy exclusions around empty buildings.

Given the current climate there may be assets that you or your clients are holding that will be standing empty. PGP can help you to avoid these problems with empty buildings.

We secure vacant commercial property at no cost to the owners and remove empty rates liability where possible.

If a site is going to be vacant for ‘some time’ we can provide the owners with a meanwhile use income.

When you have a vacant or soon to be vacant commercial or residential property please get in touch and we would be pleased to discuss how we can help.