With the current closure (temporary or permanent) of many hotels in London and the South East there are serious concerns about how long it will take for hotel bookings to recover.

Depending on the specific hotel and its location this is likely to take up to 3 years.

Hoteliers considering strategies for preserving the value and commercial viability of their vacant hotels can significantly reduce their costs in the short term by bringing in PGP guardians to occupy their premises as their temporary home.

It is a tried and tested approach which is effective in many different types of vacant property especially empty hotels.

The guardians are working people who pay an affordable monthly licence fee to live in well-located accommodation.

PGP secure and manage the hotel for guardians to live in until bookings pick up or future plans are decided.
We can also lease the vacant hotel for an agreed period.

Whilst the guardians are residing in the hotel PGP covers all day to day management and costs. There is no need to pay for security guards.
The property is occupied 24/7 and a one month notice period applies to hand back the hotel to the owners.

Example: Vacant 40 room London hotel

PGP guardians take occupation within 1 week from instruction.
From commencement the property is secured, managed and fully occupied.
We look after the building so it is ready to go back into use as a trading hotel and we can provide access for visits when required.

By having guardians living in the owners receive £10,000.00 per month instead of Zero per month from an empty hotel.

If you have a vacant hotel or other empty property asset please get in touch to discuss how PGP can protect your building and create short term income for you during this recovery period.